viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

New series: libre ERP for small companies (Part 1)

A few months ago a friend of mine ask me to give up using Microsoft Window$ in this small shop. I had to answer I didn't know anything any software to manage his little company but I promise I find out how can I help him. This last month I've been involved in a Python course in Coursera (you know the famous MOOC) and with my English studies (although not very clear with my many mistakes in this blog ;)  

I'm going to begin working on a new series of articles about ERP software for small companies, of course with free (libre) software. The first one I've choose is Tryton. There is no special reason about why I've chosen this one except it's written in Python and it should be easer for my to hack in the case I need to.

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